Roman Kresta - On the waves of time




Almost 370 pages which include many colour photographs tell the tale of Roman Kresta’s motorsport career. The story takes off with the parents‘ narrative and goes on to outline the young man’s journey to the cockpit of a rally car, moving on to individual seasons documenting his fast progress from a borrowed Favorit to factory teams’ WRC cars and return to the Czech championship series. The second part of the book features stories told by the driver’s navigators, rivals and people who influenced Roman Kresta’s sporting and private life.

Readers can look forward to narratives by his navigators Jan Tomanek, Milos Hulka, Jan Mozny, Petr Gross and Petr Stary as well as the popular driver himself, with Roman’s toughest home-soil rivals Jan Kopecky and Vaclav Pech and personalities such as Pavel Janeba, Malcolm Wilson, Ales Jirasek, Ota Zenkl, Stepan Ladik, Jiri Tosovsky, Jaroslav Stary and Jiri Hasik that had a crucial influence on “Malina’s“ career also sharing their thoughts. We pride ourselves in bringing plenty of contextual information in our publications. Therefore, this time round, too, the book includes several side stories, like those told by the driver’s parents, those about the Skoda Favorit in the 1994 season and the Octavia WRC in 1999 and also Nicky Grist’s account of Australia 2005 with Colin McRae.

Daniel Porazil, author


Roman Kresta has arrived “On the Waves of Time“ – pre-ordering launched
(26. 8. 2021)
Announced quite a while back, the book about one of the most successful rally drivers in our country’s recent history is now going to print.

Author would like to thank all who supported the project of Roman Kresta book. Without their understanding and enthusiasm, the realization of such extensive project wouldn’t be possible. We also thank those whose helped wishing to remain invisible.



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