John Haugland

The sports bio of legendary John Haugland brings to its readers 360 pages full of interesting facts and fresh photographs. And it was the pics that made the book’s main character excited – he’d never seen more than two-thirds of them before! Besides Johnny’s storytelling, the volume includes narratives by his co-drivers of choice (M. Eckardt, J. O. Bohlin, A. Antonsen and P. Vegel), his colleagues from the Škoda team (L. Křeček, S, Kvaizar, V. Blahna, M. Zapadlo, J. Kotek and P. Sibera) and a number of other interesting personalities such as B. Hunt, M. Broad, O. Horsák, J. Jelínek, S. Hajdušek, J. Nevrla, J. Kaplan and F. Salamacha. On top of that, each copy features a supplement (which cannot be bought separately) that graphically depicts John Haugland’s rich career.

Daniel Porazil, author



1.část fotogalerie

The book launch ceremony - first part

Photo: Rallysevice.cz, Tomáš Brázdil a Daniel Šimek

2.část fotogalerie

The book launch ceremony - second part

Photo: Rallysevice.cz, Tomáš Brázdil a Daniel Šimek

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The book launch ceremony - third part

Photo: Rallysevice.cz, Tomáš Brázdil a Daniel Šimek

The charity mission behind rally books continues
(27. 03. 2024)
Making readers happy, keeping motorsport alive and helping children – these are the crucial attributes behind the work of Dan Porazil, whose books have literally been devoured by his readership since 2007. The recently published biography of legendary Norweigan John Haugland was no exception.

“Karmel“ was the venue of Haugland’s bio launch ceremony
(12. 11. 2023)
John Haugland’s biography launch ceremony recently took place at the “Na Karmeli“ Škoda Education Centre, with many famous personalities in attendance. The event’s significance was highlighted by a short welcome speech by Victor Connrad Roneberg, the Norwegian ambassador, and Czech-Norwegian band We Are Domi.

Karmel to welcome Haugland, Gallagher and Horsák
(07. 10. 2023)
Tuesday, 24th October, the date of the ceremony celebrating the launch of a book about Norwegian rally driver John Haugland, which takes place at the “Na Karmeli” Škoda Auto Education Centre, is coming on in leaps and bounds.

The book about Johnny on pre-sale now
(27. 09. 2023)
Less than a month before the launch of John Haugland‘s sports biography, the pre-sale of the book has started. For now, only available in Czechia and Slovakia. It can be ordered online from the e-shop kanzelsberger.cz, with another e-shop, peopleforrally.cz, to follow shortly after.

Johnny Haugland book to be launched in October
(17. 09. 2023)
Mr Škoda. Or just Johnny. But a legend for sure. The lively Norwegian driver, whose career was mostly connected with Škoda cars, will celebrate his 77th birthday in September this year, and it is not just this occasion that made him decide to publish his sports biography.



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