Yellow-Blue Rally

To map the history of Barum Rally? What a challenge! Six years of very systematic investigation and even detective work is coming to its end. Is six hundred pages of competition’s history a lot or not much? Regarding the forty-six-year tradition of Barum Rally it might seem not much, but on the other hand who of us ever read such an extensive book? And this was another challenge – to find acceptable ratio among factography, stories, photographs and results. Yellow-Blue Rally book is a book-giant. Giant-like by its range, the number of co-workers and by its budget. Our previous book publications have become in many ways a standard for other authors and organizers.

Yellow-Blue Rally will also be innovative mainly by its limited edition enriched by sign-cards in A4 format, which are fixed part of the book. Every single card introduces one of eight winners of far and recent history of Barum Rally, which we had the luck to persuade to arrive and sign. 600 times! It took quite some time, but the result is a unique series of book, which was helped by Monica Eckardt from Germany, Jan-Olof Bohlin from Sweden and Arlid Antonsen from Norway. Just for signatures the longest journey to travel was managed by John Haugland from Norway (cca 1,500 km) and Raimund Baumschlager from Austria (cca 540 km). Gentlemen Kresta and Demuth drove over 300 km, Vaclav Pech’s distance was little under 200 km, Jan Kopecky roughly 150 km, Jiri Sedivy, M.Sc. some 110 km and Vaclav Blahna from Prague 100 km. Obviously, the same distance back home. Detailed interviews from this unique event including photographs of all participants can be found in section News.

Regardless the limited edition the book contains 46 comments to all held years of Barum Rally, complete results and a row of stories of direct participants from the history of the competition such as prof. Cuba, Josef Kopecky, Vaclav Blahna, Josef Sivik, Jakke Honkanen and also Zdenek Ponc, Jan Mach and others. Unfortunately, we were the last the get the interview from Miroslav Caslavka... Our effort was to avoid, if possible, known photographs and to bring some new, not yet if ever seen. We believe that we have succeeded.

Daniel Porazil, author


The book related photogalery:


Yellow-Blue Rally - book christening

(22. 8. 2017)

Christening of the book Yellow-Blue Rally took part in Beseda Otrokovice with the appearance of stars from past and present.



010 Wittmann Celica2

Yellow-Blue Rally - book signing

(26. 1. 2017)

Franz Wittmann




Yellow-Blue Rally - book signing

(18. - 23. 11. 2016)

Harald Demuth, Roman Kresta, Jan Kopecký, Johnny Haugland, Ing. Jiří Šedivý, Václav Blahna, Václav Pech jun., Raimund Baumschlager

The book related videos:


Short footage from the Yellow-Blue Rally book christening from the camera of Ales Trhlik.

The author of Yellow-Blue Rally book gave presents to the local hospital.

Video: Aleš Trhlík

Video: První Boleslavská



Part of the book christening was also this video focused on Kopecky vs. Lukyanuk at Barum Rally 2016.

Footage from Ales Trhlik mixed from years of Barum Rally 2005 - 2009.

Video: ATV

Video: ATV

Press releases related to the book:

There are the last 100 copies of the limited edition left
(29. 1. 2018)
The last 100 copies of the limited edition of Yellow - blue Rally are waiting for their owners. The book signed by the winners of Barum rally - H. Demuth, R. Baumschlager, R. Kresta, J. Kopecký, J. Šedivý, F. Wittmann, V. Blahna, V. Pech, J. Haugland

A competition for the book about the history of Barum Rally or what I want to read next
(22. 1. 2018)
The stocks of our fouth book are getting thinner so the new question is raising these days: What rally topic to deal with, what shall I write about?

Yellow-Blue Rally - Frequently Asked Questions
(28. 3. 2017)
Since January of this year the fans of automobile competitions can order limited and standard edition of the book about the history of Barum Czech Rally Zlin under favourable conditions. A few months before the release both...

Antonin Bahensky? That is Czech Martin Holmes!
(26. 2. 2017)
The name of Antonin Bahensky is well-known to all automobile competition experts from the Central Europe. Since the times, when vast majority of Czechoslovak magazines were using his photographs...

400 pieces remaining of Yellow-Blue Rally Limited Edition
(15. 2. 2017)
The Limited Edition of comprehensive book about the biggest competition in the Czech Republic, the Barum Czech Rally Zlin, has been signed by nine of its winners. After one month sale, it still can be pre-ordered...

Thirty-four-year old Miroslav Konderla draws pictures for fun
(8. 2. 2017)
He draws pictures beautifully and because he draws mainly cars, it wasn’t just a coincidence that his pieces will show up also in the book about Barum Rally. Of course we believe that he will be very happy about it. Mostly we hope...

010 Wittmann Celica2Franz Wittmann and Yellow-Blue Rally? Yes!
(26. 1. 2017)
The signing marathon of Barum Rally champions in November last year has been finished by Raimund Baumschlager, figuratively closing the door of the printing office. Ordinary, by painstaking work fulfilled times was supposed...

009 jiri fryjeCo-author of the book, Mr. Jiri Fryje, has died
(24. 1. 2017)
Co-author of the book, Mr. Jiri Fryje, has died.


”600” limited edition about Barum Rally pre-order now
(9. 1. 2017)
The book about Barum Rally named Yellow-Blue Rally will be published in August this year, but you can pre-order its limited edition containing eight signatures of selected winning stars already now.

An Interesting Offer: Barum Rally 1971, 1972 and 1973
(2. 1. 2017)
Do you have various authentic shots from these years of Barum Rally? Are you an owner of quality photographs from these years, which you haven’t showed to anyone yet and didn’t even try to publish them?

The children’s hospital will get help from the Barum Rally book
(5. 12. 2016)
The book project of Barum Rally is slightly different than the concept in 2013, but children will make a profit from this book regardless. To be precise, patients from children’s department in Klaudyan’s Hospital in Mlada Boleslav.

What they said about the Barum Rally limited edition book?
(30. 11. 2016)
Jan Kopecky: “It’s absolutely clear it is a price worthy act. I’m glad I could be a part of history of this competition as well as this book. I gladly arrived to sign it.”

The limited edition is completed!
(30. 11. 2016)
Raimund Baumschlager really arrived to sign his portion of sheets. All eight selected winners from the history of Barum Rally arrived and signed it all! The limited edition is completed!

We should scan it instead, right?
(23. 11. 2016)
On the 23rd November 2016, the eyes of both signing men and winners of Barum Rally looking at the pile went doubtful. “We should scan it instead, right?” Jiri Sedivy, M.Sc. And Vaclav Blahna tried me almost the cute way.

Got short name, will handle it quickly
(19. 11. 2016)
I like rain. But now it rains annoyingly. It’s seven o’clock in the morning, Saturday 19th November 2016. Together with Vaclav Pech we are standing outside the printing office waiting for opening hours.

The train has left the station!
(18. 11. 2016)
It has begun on Friday 18th November 2016, nine fifteen in the morning. Right at that moment Roman Kresta took the blue marker pen and started to sign the sign-cards dedicated for the limited edition of the Barum Rally book.


Authors would like to thank all who supported the project of Yellow-Blue Rally. Without their understanding and enthusiasm, the realization of such extensive project wouldn’t be possible. We also thank those whose helped wishing to remain invisible.

Ing. Aleš Jirásek

Bc. Aleš Jirásek

Ivan Sixta

Radek Sixta

František Řípa

Jaroslav Jelínek

Mgr. Vít Černý

Mgr. Markéta Pekařová

Ing. Eduard Skaba

David Svoboda

Ing. Jaromír Šimonek

Petr Cihlář

Pavel Křivský

Jan Splídek

Tomáš Tochtar

David Marek MBA

Štěpán Vojtěch

Vít Babík

Eva a František Porazilovi

Ing. Radovan Podskalský

Ing. Petr Chytka

Ing. Michal Pokorný

Libor Kotrmon

Ing. Daniel Trunkát

Rudolf Fukal

Vladimír Balatka

Zdeněk Knapík

RNDr. Eva Lhoťanová

Jana a Kateřina Porazilová

Jan Vaškovič

Jan Froňek

Vojtěch Matoušek

Lukáš Halamíček

Ing. Zdeněk Janda

Tomáš Hervert

Tomáš Drásta

Jan Hudec

Ing. Milan Hovorka

Lukáš Moc

Petr Kilevník

Bronislav Mocek

Miroslav Kozák

Bc. David Jeřábek

James Plummer

Mgr. Věroslav Mašek

Ing. Jaroslav Mansfeld

Ing. Josef Průša

Jaromír Tarabus

Petr Bořuta

Sváťa Klhůfek

Miroslav Polach

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