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Yellow-Blue Rally
Year of issue: 2017, number of pages: 600, price: 785 399 CZK, ISBN 978-80-906660-0-9 ORDER
Limited edition is sold out

To map the history of Barum Rally? What a challenge! Six years of very systematic investigation and even detective work is coming to its end. Is six hundred pages of competition’s history a lot or not much? Regarding the forty-six-year tradition of Barum Rally it might seem not much, but on the other hand who of us ever read such an extensive book? And this was another challenge – to find acceptable ratio among factography, stories, photographs and results. Yellow-Blue Rally book is a book-giant. Giant-like by its range, the number of co-workers and by its budget. Our previous book publications have become in many ways a standard for other authors and organizers.
Yellow-Blue Rally will also be innovative mainly by its limited edition enriched by sign-cards in A4 format, which are fixed part of the book. Every single card introduces one of eight winners of far and recent history of Barum Rally, which we had the luck to persuade to arrive and sign. 600 times! It took quite some time, but the result is a unique series of book, which was helped by Monica Eckardt from Germany, Jan-Olof Bohlin from Sweden and Arlid Antonsen from Norway. Just for signatures the longest journey to travel was managed by John Haugland from Norway (cca 1,500 km) and Raimund Baumschlager from Austria (cca 540 km). Gentlemen Kresta and Demuth drove over 300 km, Vaclav Pech’s distance was little under 200 km, Jan Kopecky roughly 150 km, Jiri Sedivy, M.Sc. some 110 km and Vaclav Blahna from Prague 100 km. Obviously, the same distance back home.
Regardless the limited edition the book contains 46 comments to all held years of Barum Rally, complete results and a row of stories of direct participants from the history of the competition such as prof. Cuba, Josef Kopecky, Vaclav Blahna, Josef Sivik, Jakke Honkanen and also Zdenek Ponc, Jan Mach and others. Unfortunately, we were the last the get the interview from Miroslav Caslavka... Our effort was to avoid, if possible, known photographs and to bring some new, not yet if ever seen. We believe that we have succeeded.

Rally is Named Bohemia
Year of issue: 2013, number of pages: 317, price: 199 CZK (subsidized price), ISBN 978-80-260-2377-7, SOLD OUT

Reportedly the last book was being created in uneasy times, when during competitions cars crashed and lives died out. With my huge respect to my project partners a script was managed to be created, which assured readers to get the book with subsidized price. It also contained the spectators’ guide for (not only) beginning rally fans. According to the cover colour, the “blue” was sold out within several months and a part of the gain was given out for purchasing multifunctional beds for children’s department in Mlada Boleslav’s hospital. So, success then? Well, it depends. This project aimed for children and for supporting rally, meaning that rally can also help. Surprisingly enough several individuals stood against this trying to stop it and to harm names of the authors. Vain effort. The PFR Team has joined a photographer Jiri Fryje and IT Specialist Brona. The book has been printed in Czech-English setup.

When Krecek Dusted
Reprint: 2020, number of pages: 280, price: 599 CZK, ISBN 978-80-254-7239-2 ORDER

Year of issue: 2010, number of pages: 280, price: 499 CZK, ISBN 978-80-254-7239-2, SOLD OUT

I seriously didn’t expect that Rally Written by Heart will be ever followed by another book and that I will meet interesting people. And another book came. And the team has been found. Ladislav Krecek belonged for many years among the local top. There surely weren’t many 1,300 ccm competitors in the world level either. Mister maestro resisted, but at the end agreed with a book. Most likely he didn’t regret and judging by the speed of sale his biography taken up a long line of people. Martin Holmes, legendary brit journalist and photographer, shared his photographs with this book.

Rally Written by Heart
Year of issue: 2007, number of pages: 383, price: 599 CZK, ISBN 978-80-239-8330-2, SOLD OUTVYPRODÁNO / SOLD OUT

In terms of the history about Rally Skoda / Bohemia, the first out of three currently issued pieces was the Rally Written by Heart book. Three years later the biography about Ladislav Krecek, the multi champion of the country and former factory driver, came to light named: When Krecek Dusted. Tragic events of following years led us to make some changes in terms of our books concept. Next book Rally is Named Bohemia contained the spectators’ guide and thanks the generous understanding of our project sponsors and partners its price was set down to very symbolic price.

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